How do you leave your past behind?

At some point in life, all of us have encountered situations where the past haunted our present & future. We forget what happiness feels like, and everything becomes grim.

I found out a way to deal with such situations, after myself going through plenty of them.

According to neuroscience, our brain handles negative & positive information differently. 

Negative experiences weaken us, embarrass us, and we feel lost. Subconsciously, we declare ourselves as failures and are thus unable to be in the present. 

We don’t understand that time has moved on, and nothing is the same anymore.

We should learn to look at our past as a character from a movie. We need to first understand that the past is done and dusted. Neither are the people around us the same nor are we. 

Let’s understand this through an example. 

Rewind to the time you watched an emotional movie. That day, you must have been pretty emotional and developed certain feelings for the character.

Fast forward to today, you don’t feel the same feelings anymore, even if you think of that movie. Ever thought why?

This is because you know that it was just a movie, and the characters did not exist in real life.

Think of your past as a movie, whose character does not exist in the present world because you have changed over time.

Once you realize this, you live in reality, and not in an illusion. 

Accept what happened in the past. Face your thoughts, instead of running away.

Sit back relaxed, and let the thoughts flow in. Observe them carefully, and ask questions. Change the meaning of your past, and see the world around you change.

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