How to take care of your mental health during Covid-19?

The current surge of Covid-19 cases, deaths, and the collapse of the healthcare system in India has taken a significant toll on our mental health.

We must keep our mental health in a good state and understand that a bad state of mind makes us more susceptible to the virus or any other diseases in the future.

Before I talk about keeping our mental health in check, it is imperative to realize, what is happening to our mental health, and why.

All of us are feeling exhausted. Energy levels are draining, we are unable to focus on anything, and overwhelming thoughts surround us.

We all know why this is happening but haven’t realized it yet. We need to realize that the negativity around us, be it from the news channels, social media, etc., is the birthplace of all problems. 

An authentic & sustainable solution to this situation is to understand a couple of points.

Firstly, if our mind is at ease, we are automatically better positioned to deal with the virus. Once we truly realize this, our body & mind will react to negativity differently, which is not too harmful.

Lastly, realizing that our media consumption becomes the raw material for our thoughts. And thoughts shape our feelings. Therefore, stay away from negative news, and indulge in reading or watching positive news, books, shows, etc. 

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